Friday, March 17, 2017

On My Shelf: What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

On My Shelf is an awesome feature hosted by Teresa at Readers Live A Thousand Lives that anyone can join. The idea is to spotlight a book from your TBR shelf; it's a fun way to discuss books with fellow bloggers and, with their help, decide which books are must-reads... and which ones can wait a while longer.

What She Knew sounds like a captivating thriller; and though I've never read this author before, I have two of her books on my shelf. A missing child, a police investigation, search parties, and a mother who realizes that nothing is what she thought it was certainly all sound intriguing. Can anyone give me some insight into this book and its author?

Have you read What She Knew? What are your thoughts? 
Do I drop everything and start reading -- or put it back on my shelf?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you next week! 

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  1. So.... when I first looked at this title I read it as "What She Said" and now I'm laughing... but other than that I have no real thoughts on this book because I have not read it. But it does sound like a Wifey read!

  2. I have not read it but now I am curious! i have not read her stuff so i cant vouch for it, but the blurb looks good?

  3. I haven't read it. So I guess you will have to read it and tell us if it is good or not.

  4. Wish I could help- but I haven't read anything by this author. This does sound fascinating though. :)


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