Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CTP Release Day Spotlight: Twists in Time: A Time Travel Anthology

Title: Twists in Time: A Time Travel Anthology
Publisher: Clean Teen and Crimson Tree Publishing
Expected Release: June 16, 2015
Pre-order:  Amazon |  B&N

Twists in Time is an upcoming time travel anthology from Clean Teen Publishing and Crimson Tree Publishing that will be releasing on June 16, 2015.  This anthology includes stories from authors: Jon Messenger, Sherry D. Ficklin, Julie Wetzel, Kelly Risser, Kathy-Lynn Cross, Amanda Strong, Sandy Goldsworthy, Holly Kelly, and Kasi Blake

What would happen if time, the fragile thread that both leads and binds us, could be unwound as simply as untying a knot? Would we go back, charging through our own history, changing and tweaking, plucking at that fragile thread until time itself unraveled all around us? Would we create countless universes through which we could live our fantasies—or would we become our own nightmares? Would we blaze ahead, reckless and wild, into our own futures? Would we become our own heroes, or would we become villains?

Join us for a series of stories that explore time, through the eyes of those bold enough to conquer it, and foolish enough to try to control it. From the award-winning team of authors at Clean Teen Publishing, TWISTS IN TIME will both entertain and challenge the way you see the world around you. Because when one finds a way to break the barrier of time, endless worlds of possibilities emerge.

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We love the cover and the sound of this anthology!

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  1. Oh such a gorgeous cover! Thanks for sharing wifey. *smoosh*

  2. I'm not much of a fan of anthologies, but ooooo time travel!!

  3. I agree that this book has a GORGEOUS cover! A huge plus is that it's full of my favorite color -- blue!! And it looks as if Little Red Riding Hood is stepping out into the universe, instead of into the dark woods. Interesting!!

    As a HUGE science fiction fan, I will be sure to add this book to my Goodreads TBR!! I will also be adding it to my personal library as soon as I possibly can!! Thanks for featuring this treasure!! : )

  4. I just love that cover! It's so pretty. :) The color is what catches my eye. Definitely catches my attention as well!

    Heart you big!

  5. Gorgeous cover! I love the idea of time travel. The collection of stories sounds very intriguing. :)


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