Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cover Reveal: Unholy Blue (Bannerman Boru #2) by Darby Kaye

Yesterday we shared the cover reveal for one of Mckenzie's favorite series by Ms. Darby -- today it's Mama's turn!  
I am so excited to share the cover for the sequel to The Stag Lord...
 Unholy Blue:

Unholy Blue will release in December from Spence City, an imprint of Spencer Hill Press.

Strong and Rare and Irish.

That’s how Shay Doyle likes her whiskey. And men. As Healer to a clan of immortal Celtic warriors living in modern-day Colorado, she has been gifted with such a man: Bannerman “Bann” Boru. The only problem is keeping the stubborn warrior alive. For Fate seems to have it in for Bann, and his son, Cor, descendants of the kings of Ireland, and recipient of an ancient grudge from the mad god, Cernunnos.

But, with a bit o’ luck, Shay, Bann, and the rest of the Doyle clan—along with the aid of a legendary huntsman known as the Black Hand—might just suss out how to kill a shapeshifter that refuses to stay dead, prevent clan warfare, and make a choice that could change their lives.

If they don’t lose them first.


  Unholy Blue is adult urban fantasy written by Darby Kaye (a pen name for Darby Karchut).

Praise for THE STAG LORD:

“A passionate story with a strong romance…Darby Kaye’s Tuatha Dé Danann shouldn’t be missed.” -- M.D. Waters, author of Archetype and Prototype

“A refreshing glimpse into the world of Celtic mythology and tradition…and give us heroes we want to root for—and reasons to keep turning the pages.”
            -- Walter H. Hunt, author of the Dark Wing Universe and Elements of Mind

“Delightful tale filled with action, mystery, and romance.” -- Rabid Reads

“…highly recommend for fans of urban fantasy who are looking for brilliant characters to fall head-over-heels for.” -- A Belle’s Tales.

And if you haven't grabbed your copy of The Stag Lord yet, it's only $0.99 this week!  You can purchase it here.

Just remember... Bann is mine.

About the author:

Darby Karchut is an award-winning author, dreamer, and compulsive dawn greeter. She's been known to run in blizzards and bike in lightning storms. When not dodging death by Colorado, Darby is busy writing urban fantasy for tweens, teens, and adults. 

Visit Darby here: 

Website  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Facebook

I'm so excited for this sequel!  I have a major case of grabby hands!!



  1. Haha that Rapunzel gif is everything! Also YAY for girls on covers! I can't wait to start this series!

  2. "Bann is mine." I am laughing so hard! You just made my week! You are our Knight's favorite!

  3. Beautiful cover! <3

  4. LOL the gif's is so cute, thanks for sharing :) Benish | Feminist Reflections

  5. That really is a beautiful cover :D

  6. I have been seeing this cover around this weekend and it looks awesome! I still have to read the first book in the series- and I can't wait! :)


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