Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book and Author Spotlight: Saints in the Shadows (The Madame Budska Series) by Alana Cash

Author:  Alana Cash
Publisher: Hacienda Press
Published:  May 27, 2014
Purchase:  Amazon  


Maud Strand has moved to New York because she is mourning the loss of her father in an accident.  The novel begins with Maud sleepwalking from her apartment in Manhattan to the Chinatown Police Precinct in her bare feet and pajamas. 

Maud has a secret, a secret buried so deep in her psyche that she can't even remember it, but it's running her life.  She's drifting in New York when she meets Lina Sandor (aka Madame Budska) a physicist turned psychic-to-the-elite. Some of Madame Budska's clients are a billionaire hedge fund manager, a political kingmaker, a TV celebrity, and a crazy Princeton professor. Is she a "real" psychic or a charlatan?  Actually, she's a bit of both, but she's very pragmatic and wise.

After a few months' acquaintance, Lina asks Maud to take over the Madame Budska business while Lina goes off for what she calls "the big reveal." She trains Maud to listen until you hear, look until you see.  It's the acts of listening and watching that help Maud unlock her mind and remember the secret that has kept her adrift in grief.

Beyond revealing secrets and the process of grief, Saints in the Shadows dabbles in provocative subjects such as psychic phenomena, economics, morality, masochism, color, jazz, history, and a small bit of romance with an NYPD detective.


About the author:

I'm an award-winning author, filmmaker, and teacher.  I was part of the PBS program "A Writer's Exchange" which was translated into 8 languages.  My documentaries on women in science have been distributed worldwide and aired on ORF in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. 

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