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Series Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


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I read and reviewed book one in the Hush, Hush series when I first began blogging a couple of years ago.  I recently re-read it for the Sloppy Seconds discussion hosted by myself and Teresa at Readers Live A Thousand Lives.   2014 is my year for finishing up series that time hasn’t allowed before. I really enjoyed the first books of a lot of series but never made it back to experience the rest.  Re-reading Hush, Hush was all the motivation I needed to pick up where I left off, and I finished the rest of the series in two days.  You can find my earlier review of Hush, Hush here and below are my thoughts on books two through four. 


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There was so much buzz about this second installment, and there were a lot of mixed reviews.  I think I was a bit scared going into this one, wondering what Ms. Fitzpatrick had her characters do that seemed to enrage many readers… and I understand this one contained a lot of heartache and angst – but guys, I loved this book.  I enjoyed it from start to finish – it was so exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see if the theories I created off the prologue alone panned out.  I found the story to be exhilarating even though I kept shaking my head at Nora… that poor girl trusts everyone she shouldn’t and never the very person that she should!  It was frustrating being alone in most of my assumptions because Nora was just not listening to me as I screamed out my speculations to her on the pages.  How strange.   Still, this just made the book that much more captivating to me.  The ending was a complete cliffhanger, and I can imagine readers that read it when it released being beyond frustrated having to wait for the next installment!  I am SO glad I had book three to go straight into – because if I hadn’t… 

An intriguing story that had me rushing straight to the next book. 


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I loved this book.  Never has an ending of a PROLOGUE broken me like that.  Again – just the PROLOGUE.  There were tears.  Lots of them.  My heart shattered for this couple, but along with the heartache… I was angry!  Not at Patch and Nora but at the secondary characters.  I had some grouchy-pants moments with Nora’s mom, and suffice it to say that Marcie Millar and I will NEVER be friends.  This book introduces a new character that I grew very fond of but won’t name for fear of spoilers.  I love the action and secrecy in this one, but I was especially moved by the longing.  Because there is a definite hungering for healing and remembering, which is all I’ll say on that. Incredible third installment! 

Will love conquer all?
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This book was as big a roller coaster for me as the Archangel at Delphic Amusement Park.  Holy whiplash.  Do I trust this person?  Do I not trust this person?  Oh, I see where this is going!  I have figured it out – join me, Nora, won’t you? NORA!!!  Please see what I see!!!!

Yep, definite frustration here.  Nora has some great character growth in this one, though; and I was proud of her more than once.  Speaking of growth, Patch really evolved into an admirable character.  He went from an arrogant, snarky albeit swoon-worthy guy to someone very worthy of the love and devotion I’ve seen fans give him.  I do, however, have a few “grumblies” over certain things that transpired, but that isn’t unusual for a conclusion.  Not every wish can be granted nor every reader’s need satisfied.  I will say that while several things broke my heart, the one that hurt me the most might not be shared by all fans of the series – the loss of a character that had truly grown on me blew my “feels” to smithereens.  For me, there were a couple of plot holes that I wish could have been filled and ironed out a bit more, but a great ending nevertheless.

Final thoughts:
This is a really fun series, and what makes it stand out for me is the mystery in every single book!  Nora is always playing detective; and as a reader, I’m always trying to figure everything out way before it can be revealed.  That is something I thoroughly enjoy; and even though I happily report my suspicions were on target, it was still an exhilarating read and by no means predictable considering these characters were full of surprises and would just NOT LISTEN TO ME.  And okay, fine… Patch. Patch is completely swoon-worthy on every account.  He gets better and better as the series progresses, and I completely understand why I see him on every book boyfriend list and every hottest fictional character post and why he and Nora always make the best couples list. It is well deserved.

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  1. I have read all but the last book in this series. I waited so long that if I have any hope of knowing what in the world is going on, I'm going to have to do a reread, and I'm sure I will at some point b/c this was the first angels-based series that I ever really liked. SO glad you liked it too (even if book 4 caused a bit of frustration ;) ).

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. So I popped over to your blog like I do every morning and then I saw the title of your post and I kid you not I started bouncing in my seat going "Patch is on Wifey's blog- PATCH IS ON WIFEY'S BLOG" it made me really excited- and then I had so much fun reading all your feels even though we have had numerous discussions on this series-- I love this post!

    Also this is perfect "It was frustrating being alone in most of my assumptions because Nora was just not listening to me as I screamed out my speculations to her on the pages. How strange."--- Nora ia a bad listener- I tried to tel her too and she just does not listen.

    Fantastic reviews Wifey I am so so so glad you enjoyed this series, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  3. jeez lots of emotional responses from this series, I been wanting to read this one. Wish I did sooner. So there was character growth? I hope.

    lol thought Nora does seem like a bad listener ;)

  4. I've bought these books as a package deal somewhere, but haven't read them yet. I can't wait now! Great review!


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