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November Novellas #2: Review and Giveaway: A Dawn Most Wicked (Something Strange and Deadly #0.5) by Susan Dennard

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely adore novellas, short stories, and anthologies! They are fun and fast reads, and some are very easy on the pocketbook if not FREE. Some are essential to the series, some are great for catch-up between novels, and some… well, some will have you scratching your head wondering, “What’s the point in this?” as well as questioning the hefty price! This month, I’m going to be bringing you some novella and short story deals and steals as well as highlighting my favorites and letting you know which ones to grab up and which ones you might want to pass up. I’ll have spotlights, reviews, guest reviews, and giveaways.

Title: A Dawn Most Wicked
(Something Strange and Deadly #0.5)
Author: Susan Dennard
Publisher: HarperTeen 
Published: June 4, 2013
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Goodreads summary:

Daniel Sheridan is an engineer’s apprentice on a haunted Mississippi steamer known as the Sadie Queen. His best friend–the apprentice pilot, Cassidy Cochran–also happens to be the girl he’s pining for … and the captain’s daughter. But when it looks like the Sadie Queen might get taken off the river, Daniel and Cassidy have to do whatever they can to stop the ghosts that plague the ship.

Fortunately, there happens to be a Creole gentleman on board by the name of Joseph Boyer–and he just might be able to help them …



“In that moment I had her attention, and she had my heart.”

If you don’t think novellas are for you, A Dawn Most Wicked is the book sure to change your mind. This is not a re-hashing of things we already know. This is a fresh and engrossing story that I completely and categorically loved. The ending of Something Strange and Deadly, book one of the series, left me with a lot of questions and a bit of anxiety. This intriguing novella takes place right at that last scene in Something Strange and Deadly – only from Daniel’s perspective, which is splendid because I wanted to know exactly what he was thinking when everything transpired… and now I do.  As Daniel weighs his current situation, he thinks back to another time in his life: his first love, Cassidy, and the perfect team they made aboard the steamboat The Sadie Queen. We find them racing along the Mississippi, powering up for the big race against The Abby Adams, and … oh yeah… trying to stay away from the stampede of ghosts that have taken over the steamboat.  And these are no friendly Caspers or lost souls hoping you can help them right the wrongs of their past.  These ghosts can see into YOUR past.  They know your darkest secrets and turn them into your worst nightmares.

“Their cries for blood laced together in a sound
 like bone rubbing on bone.”

This ghostly plague is about to put the once-popular Sadie Queen out of business; and if that happens, Cass and her family won’t be able to afford the expensive medical treatment that her fatally ill younger sister Ellis needs.  Daniel is determined to save the fate of the steamboat and ensure Ellis gets the care she requires.  He will do anything for his best friend Cassidy – the best friend he just happens to have fallen in love with.  But the ghosts are about to get even more powerful unless one man can figure out how to stop them and keep The Sadie Queen afloat.

“Necromancy and black magic will always end in death.”

A Dawn Most Wicked gives us a lot of insight into Daniel’s life pre-Eleanor and brings much awareness to why he said and did the things he did in Something Strange and Deadly. And when a certain Creole gentleman and a young boy make his acquaintance in New Orleans, I nearly did a happy dance.  I adored being privy to their first meeting!

Susan Dennard blew me away with the details of running a steamship and the vivid imagery along the Natchez and in New Orleans -- a brilliant author whose writing is simply stunning. This novella is one of my favorites.

“At the very least it was a nice dream for all the wicked dawns ahead.”

Bottom Line:  This book is a STEAL!!  $1.99 for a little over 100 pages, and you get a fast-paced, thrill-filled full story!  While this novella can be read even if you haven’t read Something Strange and Deadly, be warned that the beginning of this story does contain spoilers for the ending of book one.

  My Rating:

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