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November Novellas #14: Review and Giveaway: Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky #0.5) by Veronica Rossi

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely adore novellas, short stories, and anthologies! They are fun and fast reads, and some are very easy on the pocketbook if not FREE. Some are essential to the series, some are great for catch-up between novels, and some… well, some will have you scratching your head wondering, “What’s the point in this?” as well as questioning the hefty price! This month, I’m going to be bringing you some novella and short story deals and steals as well as highlighting my favorites and letting you know which ones to grab up and which ones you might want to pass up. I’ll have spotlights, reviews, guest reviews, and giveaways.

Title: Roar and Liv
(An Under the Never Sky story #0.5)
Author: Veronica Rossi
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: October 30, 2012

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Before Perry and Aria, there was Roar and Liv.

After a childhood spent wandering the borderlands, Roar finally feels like he has a home with the Tides. His best friend Perry is like a brother to him, and Perry's sister, Liv, is the love of his life. But Perry and Liv's unpredictable older brother, Vale, is the Blood Lord of the Tides, and he has never looked kindly on Roar and Liv's union.

 Normally, Roar couldn't care less about Vale's opinion. But with food running low and conditions worsening every day, Vale's leadership is more vital—and more brutal—than ever. Desperate to protect his tribe, Vale makes a decision that will shatter the life Roar knew and change the fate of the Tides forever.


Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky, #0.5) Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2) Brooke (Under The Never Sky #2.5) Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)


“I’ll give her time, but I won’t give up.  Ever.”

I loved Under the Never Sky when I read it in 2012, and I’ve been looking forward to a re-read so that I could refresh my memory on everything that transpired and continue on with book two, Through the Ever Night.  This prequel novella was exactly what I needed to get me to move this fantastic series back to the top of my reading list.  I think I had forgotten just how much I loved Roar in book one.  This novella gives us an in-depth look at the relationship between Roar and Liv as well as the friendship and brotherhood forged between Roar and Perry.  It was captivating to see how things were before Aria came into the picture and everything went down the way it did in Under the Never Sky.  Roar is a beautiful man, but he also has a beautiful heart; and he really got a chance to shine in this fabulous story.  

“My ambitions aren’t grand.  All I have ever wanted
is to be there for the two people who mean everything to me.  
Maybe that’s a small goal to others, but it’s always felt like enough.”

I found it very interesting that, even though this is Roar’s story, we get a quite a bit of insight into Perry as well... and for me, that is icing on the cake!  As much as I adore Roar and Perry, my dislike of Vale grew immensely.  This really is one of the most intriguing novellas I’ve read.

“But the way I see it, when you’ve been hurt by someone you love 
like he has, why would you ever seek love out?  
Why would you ever risk being hurt again?”

Roar and Liv’s story is incredibly romantic but heartbreaking as well.  I’m so happy I read this and re-discovered how much I enjoy Veronica Rossi’s writing.  I have just enough time to catch up and be ready for the January release of Into the Still Blue, the conclusion of the series.  

“If I have to lose everything to keep her, I will.
I will. 
I will. 
I will.”

Bottom line:  $2.99 for roughly 68 pages is on the high side, but it was worth it to me.  This novella is the perfect addition to such a great series.  
 My Rating: ★★★★  

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