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November Novellas #1: Review and Giveaway: Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits #1.5) by Katie McGarry

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely adore novellas, short stories, and anthologies! They are fun and fast reads, and some are very easy on the pocketbook if not FREE. Some are essential to the series, some are great for catch-up between novels, and some… well, some will have you scratching your head wondering, “What’s the point in this?” as well as questioning the hefty price! This month, I’m going to be bringing you some novella and short story deals and steals as well as highlighting my favorites and letting you know which ones to grab up and which ones you might want to pass up. I’ll have spotlights, reviews, guest reviews, and giveaways.

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 The first novella I’m featuring and giving away is:

Title: Crossing the Line
(Pushing the Limits #1.5)
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Published: April 1, 2013
Purchase: Amazon  |  B&N

Goodreads summary: 

Katie McGarry captivated readers with her “riveting, emotional”* Young Adult debut, Pushing the Limits. In this gripping novella, she tells the story of Lila and Lincoln, who discover that sometimes it’s worth crossing the line for love… 

Lila McCormick, Echo's best friend from Pushing the Limits, first met Lincoln Turner when tragedy struck both their lives. But she never expected their surprise encounter would lead to two years of exchanging letters—or that she’d fall for the boy she’s only seen once. 

Their relationship is a secret, but Lila feels closer to Lincoln than anyone else. Until she finds out that he lied to her about the one thing she depended on him for the most.

Hurting Lila is the last thing Lincoln wanted. For two years, her letters have been the only thing getting him through the day. Admitting his feelings would cross a line he’s never dared breach before. But Lincoln will do whatever it takes to fix his mistakes, earn Lila’s forgiveness—and finally win a chance to be with the girl he loves.



"As I cuddle into Lincoln, I know that I would relive it all
 in order to experience this moment again." 

I’m a huge fan of Pushing the Limits and, most recently, Crash Into You (which gave me a new fictional boyfriend). Crossing the Line is an incredibly sweet story, but if you’re looking for more Echo and Noah, you should know this is Echo’s friend Lila’s story about her long-distance relationship with Lincoln. Though Echo and Noah do get the occasional mention:

“His shirt’s back on, which is a sin.  
He could definitely give Echo’s guy 
a run for his money in the abs department.” 

Now, I’m not sure if I can really believe that. Perhaps Ms. McGarry should reveal an abs lineup with Noah, Lincoln, and Isaiah so we readers can decide who has the best abs ;)

I really enjoyed this story and was surprised that a mere 67 pages could give me so many feels!! Katie McGarry is a genius – plain and simple. I adore the way she spun this story off of Pushing the Limits. It is so sweet! I love the peeks we are given at the letters exchanged between Lila and Lincoln; and while I liked Lila in Pushing the Limits, I fell hard for Lincoln.

“Someday I’ll teach her how to climb a rock wall, 
I’ll introduce her to my parents, let her hold my nephew 
and I’ll confess my love.” 

The fact that they wrote to each other for two years and felt as though they knew each other better than anyone else was not only romantic but entirely plausible. I think being able to share their feelings so openly the way they did with none of the awkward teen angst and high school drama getting in the way took their friendship and relationship to a whole new level. I would absolutely love a full book about these two. I would buy it in an instant!

"I'm on the verge of begging, his lips finally come within butterfly-inducing distance of mine.  This is one of my favorite moments:  the seconds before the kiss.  It's like dangling on a ledge with gravity pulling me forward and the wind daring me to let go and fly."  

Bottom line: $1.99 is the average price for novellas; and while it may seem high for 67 pages, I feel I got my two dollars’ worth and I enjoyed it. Is it a necessary read to the Pushing the Limits series? No. Is it a story that’s sure to make you smile and swoon? You bet! This is not a cliffhanger, as things are resolved; but fair warning, the ending was not a conclusion for this couple. There is more story to tell for these two, and I really hope Ms. McGarry will tell it.

 My Rating: ★★★★  

And now for the giveaway!  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win an ebook of Crossing the Line:

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