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Katertot's Review: Coyote Autumn by Bill Wallace

Title:  Coyote Autumn
Author: Bill Wallace
Publisher: Aladdin
Published: September 1, 2002
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From Goodreads:

"You Can't Keep A Coyote! They're Wild...."

Brad has always wanted a dog, so when he catches the little coyote, he decides to keep it. He couldn't have a dog when his family lived in a Chicago apartment, but now that they've moved to rural Oklahoma anything seems possible. Even rescuing an orphaned coyote pup...and keeping it a secret from his parents. With his friend Nolan's help, Brad is determined to tame Scooter, train him, play with him, and hide him in an old dog pen behind the barn. 
It almost works...until Mom and Dad discover his secret -- and Scooter steals their hearts and gives them all a coyote's-eye view of what it's like to live in the dangerous world of men.



I first read this book when I was in the second grade. It was in my school library, and I had picked it for my AR selection. I fell in love with every part of this book -- the beautiful descriptions of Oklahoma, Brad’s love for animals, and his friend Nolan, too.  I was loving it, and reading this book made me so happy… and then I got to the last few chapters. I remember staring at the pages, wondering what had just happened. Fortunately, I’ve since had experience in this area and know exactly what was going on. I was experiencing my very first book heart-break. Coyote Autumn made me cry… and cry and cry. I felt so bad for Brad and what he had to go through with Scooter. I knew the hurt he felt was awful because I felt it, too. I have re-read this book several times since then, and I recently read it to my grandmother (who also loved it). I still cried so hard that I had a hard time reading the last line of the book (the part that, to this day, breaks my fourteen-year-old heart all over again) out loud. Any book that can make you feel so much after reading it that many times is a real treasure. 

Coyote Autumn has it all -- humor, excitement, love, heartbreak, friendship, lessons to be learned… If I had to pick a favorite book (which is nearly impossible for a reader), I would probably pick this. I’ve loved it for so long. Some of Brad’s thoughts can be a little juvenile sometimes – after all, he is a boy -- but other than that, this book is perfection. Coyote Autumn is the kind of read that, in my opinion, will always be amazing. I’d like to think that, years from now, kids will still be reading it. I know I’ll be reading it to my own… if I ever change my mind and decide I want to do such a thing… procreation… *shudders* 

Anyway, even though it’s a middle-grade book, readers of all ages can enjoy this one. I especially love to read it this time of year.

“But even to this day, in autumn, when the leaves turn, I  remember.”


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