Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam

Title:  Truth and Humility
Author:  J.A. Dennam
Published:  November 18, 2012
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My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

For over a century, two families have fought, shot, kidnapped, hung, burned, stolen from and accused one another. Danny Bennett knows that most of what keeps her family feuding with the Cahill clan is baseless accusations from both parties, but that doesn’t keep her from taking sides. After all, when her fun-loving brother, Derek – the person she idolizes the most – has been accused of murder, her loyalties lay solidly with him. But her loyalty to her chosen future burns just as strong.

 In a desperate quest to fund her college education, Danny applies for a dangerous job and soon lands herself in the bowels of the enemy camp. Accustomed to living on the edge, Danny welcomes a good challenge...until she realizes she has unwittingly fallen prey to her brother’s accuser.

Driven by hatred, Austin Cahill knows exactly what to do with the Bennett girl who saunters onto his jobsite under false pretenses: use her as a weapon against her brother, the man he holds responsible for his fiancĂ©’s fatal drowning. Derek Bennett must pay for his crimes, but Austin must coax a confession out of him first. His plan to “own” Derek’s beloved baby sister should break the man, but he soon discovers a much bigger obstacle...his burgeoning desire for Danny. When Derek comes for her, will Austin be prepared to let her go in exchange for the truth? Will his quest for vengeance destroy the woman he’s grown to care for? Or will it be the truth...that brings them all down?


When Danielle Connor Bennett -- “Danny” for short -- starts her new job at a salvage company, she knows she’s risking everything just to earn some extra money to pay for the college courses her father doesn’t approve of. Her new employer is more than just the owner of her family’s rival company - he’s her brother’s ex-best friend and a member of the Cahill family. The very family that the Bennetts have been feuding with for over one hundred years. Little does Danny know that her attempt to slide under the radar by using her middle name instead of her last name is an ultimate fail. Her new boss knows exactly who she is and plans to make her life a living hell. Payback is a bitch, but it’s nothing compared to Danny when she’s been pushed to her limit.

The characters in this novel are such a treat to read about. Austin and Derek were best friends when they were boys. Sneaking around to hang out so their feuding families wouldn’t know. They promised each other the bad blood would end with them; but unfortunately, things transpired between them that would only escalate the decade-old feud and turn the once-best friends into bitter, mortal enemies. Both Austin and Derek were so well-written that I couldn’t help but love them, along with their families and Austin’s employees. Danny proved to be one of my favorite female MCs I’ve come across. This young woman knows the ins and outs of the demolition and salvage business and can lead a crew full of rowdy men three times her size while keeping them in line with nothing more than her sharp tongue and an excellent lower aim with a fast flying rubber band. She excels at climbing, knows more than most guys about fast cars, and still maintains every ounce of her femininity. She goes from hard hat and denim work clothes by day to hoop earrings and stylish shoes at night. Most of you know I have a few favorite fictional boyfriends from my books, but I think I just reached a first: fictional girl crush! Danny is so empowering and inspiring! I adore her fierce need to protect her family. She knows how to stand up for herself but, at the same time, is such a loving and caring individual.

It was so exhilarating to see how Danny worked to prove herself to her new co-workers, and I really enjoyed the friendships she made along the way. And then there’s the tumultuous but sinfully delicious relationship with Austin Cahill. Danny is living with the enemy... literally. But the man she’s supposed to hate is making it really hard to do just that. They drive each other crazy, but it’s so much fun to witness. Austin is there when she needs him, and a strong manly man swooping in to save the day is swoon-worthy, sure... but a woman who rescues him and everyone around her? This is the kind of heroine books need more of.

A family feud, a thirst for vengeance, and a forbidden love make Truth and Humility an incredible romantic suspense story that was impossible to put down.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.