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Author Interview + Giveaway + TEASER : Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

Lies Beneath (Lies Beneath #1)

I’m very pleased to welcome Anne Greenwood Brown to the blog today. Her new novel, Lies Beneath, releases next week (June 12), and it is phenomenal! It was my first book about merpeople, and I loved it! After the interview with Anne, be sure to check out the incredible giveaway - she is offering up some amazing prizes you won’t want to miss out on!

You can pre-order Lies Beneath here:
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About Anne:

Anne Greenwood Brown grew up sailing Lake Superior, leaning over the rail, and wondering, with a lake that big, that ancient, what amazing thing might flash by. Now, she knows. She lives in Minnesota with her patient husband and three hilarious kids.

CB: Lies Beneath has one of the best, most attention-grabbing opening lines of any story I’ve read. Was that always the first line in the book, or was it something you decided on later?

AGB: Thank you! It was always the first line of the book. In fact, I woke up one morning with that line in my head. It's the way Calder introduced himself to me, so I let him introduce himself to the world that way, too. It's the only thing in the whole book that never changed from inception to finished novel.

CB: With all the vampires, werewolves, and zombies dominating today’s YA books, it was refreshing to read a story about merpeople. What made you want to write about mermaids? ( please don’t tell Calder I called him a mermaid.)

AGB: Yeah, I won't. He hates all those labels. It wasn't actually a conscious decision. There are a lot of mermaid fans/fanatics out there, but I was never one of them. I had been writing a contemporary novel set on Lake Superior, and I kept having this dream where the male lead was diving off the rail of a ferry boat into the lake. Night after night. A normal person wouldn't do that (at least not with a boat that was pulling away), but the dreams wouldn't stop. Then one night he dove and burst out with this silver tail! I sat up in bed with that first line in my head.

CB: There are so many great passages and quotes in this book that it’s hard for me to choose a favorite. Do you have one that is especially near and dear to your heart?

AGB: Hmmm. How about this:

She enjoyed teasing me. A trail of happy satisfaction burned like pink fire, then spun out of her like a pinwheel. It was a magnet that lured me to her. My hand involuntarily reached forward. She came closer, not realizing the motivation behind my gesture, and shocked me by weaving her fingers through mine. I watched—horrified, spellbound—as the pink shimmer crept from her fingertips, across the top of my hand and over my wrist. My forearm hummed and heated until the warmth pushed up my arm and broke across my chest, finally bursting through my lips with a sudden, surprising laugh.

CB: I can’t wait any longer to talk about Calder White. He will forever be one of my favorite male characters. At times, he walks a fine line between good guy and bad guy. Is that how you intended him to be seen? Good with a dash of danger?

AGB: Random House has Lies Beneath characterized as a paranormal romance, which I guess is the most accurate of all the labels, but I always saw it as an evolution story. Calder starts out as an animal, and, over the course of the story, he evolves into a man. I never saw him (or his sisters, for that matter) as evil, per se. Just animals acting naturally. It's only scary because we're not at the top of the "food" chain!

CB: One of my favorite things about Lies Beneath is that it is from Calder’s POV. Was it difficult writing from a male character’s perspective?

AGB: At first, yes--especially the parts where Calder is checking out Lily's body. I can't listen to music and write at the same time, but I found if I listened to the Violent Femmes before I sat down to write, I could get Calder's voice right.

CB: Lily is so quirky and fascinating, a definite female heroine to look up to. Was she based on a specific person you know?

AGB: Lily is the girl I wanted to be in high school, but I was too caught up with trying to fit in. I'm in awe of teens who already have a strong sense of who they are.

CB: You grew up loving the Great Lakes and really captured the beauty of the area in your writing, but you may have made people afraid to go into the water. And by people... I mean me. Have you ever glimpsed anything supernatural in those waters?

AGB: I grew up in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, but I spent my summers in Bayfield, Wisconsin, on Madeline Island, and sailing Lake Superior. I hope I captured the physical setting well enough. Frankly, I doubt it can be done. To me, it's the most beautiful place on earth, but I'm biased. I always hoped to see something supernatural in the water, but I never did. That's why I had to make it up! And it is made up; you don't have to be afraid to go in the water! Although, it is very cold. If you're a northern girl like me, that shouldn't stop you. My kids were in the water last month. Yeah...it was 48 degrees, but it's just what you do. You get out when you start to feel your brain cells snapping.

CB: Those are some pretty scary sisters you wrote. It’s like you met my sister and wrote about her. I kid, but not really. Were the sisters, Maris, in particular, a reflection of any real-life, nightmarish siblings?

AGB: Nope. My sister is great. I actually have a lot of sympathy for Maris. Readers won't understand that until Book 3, but, believe it or not, every step of the way, she thinks she's doing the right thing for her family. It's just that she's damaged goods.

CB: I can hardly wait for Deep Betrayal, book two in the series. Can you tell us anything about the book? Give us any teasers? Any snippets you want to share?

AGB: Deep Betrayal is a continuation of the story, but it is told from Lily's POV. It will be out in March 2013. Readers get to see what Lily's life was like before dipping into the supernatural world, and they finally get to see what was going on in her head all through Lies Beneath. That's the tricky thing about writing in the first person POV. In Lies Beneath, you see what Lily does, but you don't always understand why she does it because she holds so much close to the vest. Here's a teaser from Deep Betrayal:

For a moment all we did was stare. His green eyes brooding, yet as frightened as my own. His wet hair hanging in dark, twisted ropes against his olive-tanned face. The hull pressed in on us from all sides, and the small confines amplified my senses. Even the silence bounced around, echoing in my ears. The smell of patchouli hung heavy in the air. Heat licked up at us from the sand, his breath hot against my face.
“Look at you,” he said, and his voice was disappointed.

Thank you so much, Anne for taking time to talk with us, and a HUGE thank-you for that exciting teaser! I can’t wait for Deep Betrayal!

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