Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie and Tribute Guide Reviews

Movie review:

The Hunger Games
March 23, 2012
Director: Gary Ross
Starring:  Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

My rating: 
★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

The tag line is "The world will be watching"... and that most definitely included me.  I had an amazing time at the midnight premiere, as did the three lovely people who joined me.  We had so much fun seeing all the "Effie's" and all the different Hunger Games shirts and accessories.  Fortunately, we had a great crowd in our theater.  Very well-behaved and die-hard fans, which usually don't go hand in hand, but, lucky for us, this time, it did. 

I’m pleased I stuck to my guns and didn’t re-read the book until after I had seen the movie. I believe if the book had been fresh in my mind, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie as much as I did. I stand by my earlier statement that, as far as book-to-movie adaptations go, I am pleased with the HG movie. I cried a bucket-full at a certain place in the film.  Now that I've read the book again, I know the movie definitely wasn’t perfect, but show me a book-to-movie that is. I don’t believe the intensity of the book could ever truly be captured on film. Apparently, neither can the boy with the bread. I enjoyed Peeta in the movie, but reading about Peeta again has reminded me of many things the movie failed to.  Final thoughts: The book is always better, but the HG movie is definitely not to be missed.

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide
Emily Seife
Scholastic Press

My rating: 
★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

Loved this book when I received it in the mail and now, even more so after seeing the movie. What an excellent movie companion guide and insight to the tributes. I may have had a bit of uncertainty with some of the casting (sorry Peeta - I still love you), but I felt most, if not all, of the tributes and supporting cast (Cinna and Caesar = ahhhmazing!) were spot on. I mean, little Rue? What an adorable little girl, and I admit to unabashedly crying and fumbling for napkins at a particular scene involving her in the movie.

The Tribute Guide is 128 pages of beautiful illustrations that include the cast, a guide to all of the districts, the training center, tribute parade, tribute center, interviews, and the journey to the arena.  It also includes a weapons page and descriptions, amazing photos from the movie, and several quotes, including my personal favorite (as non-spoilery as I can  make it):

Peeta: "Winning won’t matter in my case."

Caeser: "Why not?"

Peeta: "Because - she came here with me.”  

Not quite as dramatic as it was written in the book, but the effect was the same:  Cue the swoon.

Final thoughts:
A fun and very beautiful book for any die-hard Hunger Games fan.



This book was generously gifted to me by dear, sweet Nyssa and Sandy. Thank you guys so much for sending it to us. Love it, and love you!