Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rae of Hope by W.J. May

Title:  Rae of Hope
Author: W.J. May
Source:  Ebook
Publication Date: September 5, 2011

My Rating: ❀❀❀❀

From Goodreads:

How hard do you have to shake a family tree to find out the truth of the past?

Fifteen-year-old Rae Kerrigan has never questioned her family’s history. That is until she accepted a scholarship to Guilder Boarding School in England. Guilder is a very unique, gifted school. Rae has no idea what she is getting herself into or that her family’s past is going to come back and taunt her. She learns she is part of an unparalleled group of individuals who become marked with a unique tattoo (tatù) on their sixteenth birthday. The tatù enables them to have supernatural powers particular to the shape of their marking. Both her parents were marked though Rae never knew, as they passed away when she was young and never told her. Learning about her family’s past, her evil father and sacrificial mother, Rae needs to decide if there is a ray of hope for her own life.

My Review

Rae doesn’t remember what started the fire that took her parents lives and led her to live with her aunt and uncle. It’s nearly 10 years later, and that night is still one big question mark. When she is accepted into the Guilder Boarding School in England, she hopes she will finally receive some answers. Turns out, they’re not the answers she expected. Rae soon realizes that Guilder is no ordinary boarding school. It is a school for the gifted... the supernaturally gifted. Her classmates all receive tattoos, or ‘tatus,’ on their sixteenth birthdays. Tatus that come with special powers and great responsibility. And Rae’s sixteenth birthday is only months away. Along with that unexpected shock comes the revelation that both her parents were inked and gifted and that her father may not have used his powers for good - not exactly the sweet sixteen she had in mind. Even worse? All eyes are on Rae, scrutinizing her every move, but never asking the one question they all want to know: What exactly did she inherit from her father, and what will she do with whatever gifts he passed on to her?

“‘You can’t undo the past. The sins of the father are the sins of the son, or in this case, daughter.’”

Will Rae be able to prove them wrong? Rae of Hope is a coming-of-age story with a paranormal twist. Kudos to W.J. May for creating such a different and intriguing young adult story.

I really enjoyed Rae’s classmates. They were all rare individuals, and it was so much fun learning about their different inks and what abilities they possessed. They had great interactions with one another and were very well-developed characters. I found myself suspecting every one of Rae’s peers as the potential “bad guy,” only to be completely shocked when the antagonist was revealed! I love being surprised, and I really enjoyed this unique story. It had a very X-men-meets-House of Night feel, while still maintaining its wonderful originality. I definitely look forward to the next installment and to finding out what happens to Rae and her friends.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.