Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Don't Need a Prince: A Letter to My Daughter by Cheryl Shireman

What a touching and inspiring book! I am raising an independent, tween daughter, and this book was perfect for both of us.

I love that this started out as an email from a wise and loving mother to her college-aged daughter who was caught in the midst of some serious, we've-all-been-there boy drama. What incredible words and support she had to offer. This was just too good to not be made into a book.

What really impressed me is what I was able to take from the book. See, I’ve been married for 15 years. I didn’t marry a prince. I married a good guy. After 15 years, it’s easy, at times, to ask, “Why did I do that, again?” Cheryl’s book reminded me exactly why.

The pictures are absolutely adorable: from the beautiful cover to all the sweet photos inside. I could fill my review with quotes, but I don’t want to give too much away, so I will settle for including this favorite gem:

Dream big, but learn to love reality.

This is a book for all of us:  the ones who grew up wondering how many frogs we would have to kiss and when Prince Charming would ride up on his white horse. Well, the princes aren’t always the heroes, and life isn’t a fairytale. And you know what? That’s okay. You don’t need a prince to be happy.

Thank you, Cheryl, for putting that into words better than I ever could have. Thank you for giving me a book to use as a guide when my daughter comes to me with her first broken heart. And my husband thanks you for the extra-big hug I just gave him. ;D

I received a copy of this ebook for free via Amazon and reviewed it at the request of the author.


  1. Cute review. Yeah somehow in fairytales they leave out the part about men scratching themselves and passing gas and burping..amd leaving their clothes on the floor right in front of the hamper but we love them anyway right?

  2. Oh....maybe I did marry a prince! Fortunately, mine is only guilty of the occasional belch. I was referring more to candy, flowers and undying adulations. Guess, I'm living the fairytale and didn't know it! Bahahaha!


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