Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

Welcome to another edition of Tell Me Something Tuesday, hosted by the lovely Cambria Hebert. Every week, Cambria will ask a new question, and participants will post their answers and leave their link on her site. Then, bloggers can compare their answers while visiting all the lovely blogs. Leave me a comment - I can’t wait to stop by your blog and find out your answer!

This week’s question:

What is the saddest book you have ever read?

In pondering this question, I have come to the realization that I am a Great.Big.Weenie.Baby. Seriously. The list of books that have made me cry is too incredibly long to share. So, I have decided to categorize my books from one-eyed-leakage and gentle sobbing to full-on-weeping-in-a-corner-curled-into-a-fetal-position. That did make it a bit easier.  Basic crying would include, but is not limited to: Divergent, Hallowed, Shiver, one or two of the Twilight books (don’t judge), and The Hunger Games (which really falls into an in-between category of gentle sobbing and corner weeping). That brings us to the hang-my-head-in-shame-bawled-my-eyes-out portion of the list. There are three:

#3: Delirium: There was actual rocking, sobbing, and hugging of this book. When I reached the end, I was so glad I was alone. I can only imagine how I must have looked with this book clutched to my chest, squalling like a banshee.

#2: Dear John:  I saw the preview for the movie and decided I needed to read the book first. Channing Tatum is ever-so-hawt, and it was very hard to not start with the movie, but I’m so glad I read the book first. As is normally the case, the book was much better, though, that is nothing against Channing - he was perfection. I know this is supposed to be a love story, but for me the best part of the story was the father-son relationship. Cue the tears. I loved this book, and I definitely shamed myself in front of my family with my full-on weeping.

And the #1 sob-inducing, nose-running, chin-quivering, un-prettiest crying, saddest book award goes to:

#1. Water for Elephants:  This is the book that my husband actually looked at me and said, “Good God, woman! JUST STOP READING IT!” Not one of my finer moments, but a beautiful book, that I deem quite worthy of my tears. Oh, and this was actually a great book to film adaptation. I love elephants - I actually collect them. Noooo, not actual elephants (although, how cool would that be?). I collect elephant bookends and other decorative items for my home. Big fan of the elephants, so this was a hard book to read. I cannot tolerate ANY animal being mistreated - it ruins the story for me...but due to certain events, this was still a great book, and I’m very glad I stuck with it. In all honesty, if I ever revisit this book, I will have to skip certain pages. I made it through parts of the movie by closing my eyes and sticking my fingers in my ears. I did take IMMENSE JOY in seeing Edward Cullen play a character named Jacob. Bwahahahaha!

So, what books made YOU cry? Any embarrassing reading moments that you want to share? (Come on, don’t leave me here all red-faced and ashamed by myself!)

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