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Tell Me Something Tuesday #2

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This week’s question:

What is your favorite genre to read and why?

Being an avid reader all my life, I have been through a lot of genres.

It started with The Monster at the End of This Book. 

Then, my Little House on the Prairie books when I was 7. 

 I was the quiet, shy girl who never got in trouble at school - until the teachers would realize how far ahead I had read in all my literature books. 

In high school, I discovered historical romance. OH.MY.SWOON. I was obsessed. I couldn't read enough Jude Deveraux or Judith McNaught books. I was so absorbed with one particular Jude Deveraux novel, that I could not be bothered with paying attention in Spanish II. 
So, I hid this book inside of my Spanish book . Of course, I got caught, because my stealth, cunning, and prowess had yet to kick in at the tender age of 16. My Spanish teacher, rest her soul (I don’t actually know if she died, but she had to have been 102 when I was taking her class... so surely... by now...) confiscated my book. This was not good. I attended a private, Christian school. The, um... ‘love’ scenes in that book were NOT private, Christian school material. If she had read any of those passages, I would have been kicked out of school, my parents would have been outcasts in our community, the family ostracized and sent to barren lands....okay, maybe none of that would have happened, but you can see that my over-dramatization skills had most definitely kicked in by 16. So, I did the only thing I could do: I snuck back into her classroom after school, went through her desk, and stole my book back. I waited with bated breath the next day for her to ask me what happened to my book. She never did (again...102). That is still the naughtiest, sneakiest thing I have ever done AND gotten away with! (I just remembered my mom figured out how to pull up my blog - I'm so going to hear about this. Statute of limitations, mom - just sayin'!).

So, historical romance played a huge part in my teen years. Afterwards,  I discovered Mary Higgins Clark, which led to James Patterson, leading to Dean Koontz, and ending up with Stephen King. Then, it was John Sanford and Kay Hooper. I had just finished reading a particularly intriguing Kay Hooper novel, when a friend called me and asked if I had read Twilight. Nope. Never even heard of a 'Twilight.' She said it had a vampire in it. Well, color me interested. She also said our 15-year friendship hung in the balance if I didn’t read and love this series. So, with that motivating factor, I bought the paperback and started to read. My first thought was, “I don’t want to read about teenagers in high school,” then I got to around page 3 and was HOOKED.

That book contained a clever, yet sneaky, little excerpt from New Moon, and I had to have that book immediately!!! When she called the next day, to see if I read/liked Twilight, her first question was: what did I think of Edward Cullen? I had no idea I was taking my life into my own hands when I replied “Meh, he’s okay..... I want to know more about this Jacob and Sam!! I hope they’re wolves - I love me some werewolves!” And that revelation was followed by the coldest, eeriest silence I have ever experienced... the memory of which still chills me to the bone. She then began hurling words at me like “Team Jacob,” “Wolf Girl,” and my personal favorite.... “Traitor.”  You see, I had no idea about the phenomenon of Twilight, or what a Twi-hard was. I didn’t know there were teams, or that being on the opposite team could result in a lynching. Fortunately, she forgave me my indiscretion (eventually) and has since made her peace with me being a wolf girl, and the fact that I’m more attracted to tall, dark, and handsome as opposed to cold, dead, and sparkly. After Twilight, I discovered The Hunger Games by Googling, “What do I read after Twilight?” And that, my friends, sealed my fate in the YA genre.

Sadly, I am no longer what one might consider a “young adult,” but it seems my heart didn’t get that memo.  I hope it never does.

Divergent by Veronica Roth will always be my favorite book of ever. I adore the YA genre and hope I am still reading about dystopian worlds, zombies, mythical creatures, and sweet, innocent love triangles, whilst sitting in my rocking chair at the Shady Pines Retirement Home, incoherently mumbling the name "Four".


  1. Omgomg I MUST know who Spanish teacher was!! LOVED reading this post!! You've gotta put that one in the memoir, sooo great! Also thank you for personally sucking me into the YA!! Lovin every minute!! And you!! Xo

  2. OMG Michele I flipping love this post! You had me laughing a ton! This is so great! This totally reminds me of how I would do the same thing with my Lurlene McDaniel books when i discovered her haha. Lets just say my math teacher wasn't a fan :-P Although it was funny when he tried to catch me off guard and I was great at multitasking ad answered the question correctly. mwahhahaa I'm that good hehe. I can't believe you snick back in and stole the book! bad girl! that is epic lol. I love you and love this post I think I have to read it again later for a good laugh :) hehe I'm so glad you joined the YA genre with me eeep :)<3

  3. *Wiping away my tears* You cracked me up and made my day! That was one hell of a story! The history of an avid book reader, great post! And there's no age to YA, so...........

    Natasha @ My TMST

  4. Omg! Best post ever!! Lol. This is a great (and funny) story of your reading journey and you certainly have read a wide range of books!! Things seemed to change for me after i read twilight to. I also thought "what do i read after twilight?" lol. Andd girlllll you know I'm team Jacob. Yes for sure tall dark and handsome and NOT cold, dead and sparkly!! Lol.

  5. Aw, you guys!! You make my day with these awesome comments!!

    @Nyssa: You know that Spanish teacher was Mrs. Elder. I wasn't about to put her last name after mentioning she was 102. Nobody would have believed it. Seriously, I couldn't make that up. True Story. I'm soooooo happy you are loving YA!!! <3 u

    @Christie: Eeeep! I'm so happy it made you laugh! Hahaha - well, at least you are a multitasker and got away with it! Here's to all the YA books we plan on reading together this year! <3 u

    @Natasha: I LOVE that I cracked you up and you had to wipe away tears - that made MY day!!! Thank you!

    @Cambria: Awww, I am so glad you liked it, and I am SOOOOOO happy there is another wolf girl out there who wouldn't dare swoon over someone who sparkles like a princess's tiara. :D

  6. That was so cute! My daughter went through a serious Monster at the End of the Book fix last year. Got her the book and the ipad app. I too devoured Little House on The Prairie. Loved it. High School soon became Stephen King when my bud handed me his copy of IT. I never looked back! High five to Stephen King. I never did the romance thing though. I can only imagine the horror you faced at getting caught. Imagine cute little Michele stealing back her dirty little book, I would never have one well in Christian school.
    I know Twilight, you look back at it as your intro and now you are just like...meh...so many better books out there. What about Harry Potter?

  7. @Heidi: Big high five back for Stephen King! This is about right -> "my dirty little book" - Bwahahaha. Katertot has all the Harry Potter books and LOVES them. I love all the movies and definitely have the books on my TBR. :D

  8. Your whole post was just great!

    I loved Higgins-Clark in high school as well. I think I read every book of hers I could get my hands on!

  9. Luv your post, but now I go jelly :P I wish my post was this cool

  10. @Kindlemom and @Lila: Thank you so much, guys! I enjoyed visiting your blogs and your awesome answers very much! :D

  11. Isn't the young adult genre just amazing? I love that it can appeal to adults, too! Great answer, Michele. And I'm so glad Divergent is your favorite. I LOVE that book! :D

  12. @Sam: It certainly is amazing! Thanks so much, and I LOVE that you're a fan of Divergent, too! ;D

  13. Anonymous1/31/2012

    The Monster At The End Of This Book! I loved that book growing up. Such a great read. :)

    My Post: http://wordsoftheworlds.blogspot.com/2012/01/teaser-and-tell-me-something-tuesday_31.html



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