Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking

From Goodreads:

The sequel to Hollowland....

After six months in the quarantine, Remy finds out things are much worse than she feared. Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren't the worst of her problems.

I’m a huge fan of this series, and I did love this book, but with that being said, Hollowmen wasn’t quite the perfection for me that Hollowland was. There were some definite editing issues in the eBook I read, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from the amazing, non-stop action in the story. It was easy to be swept away by the exciting storyline and by Remy, Max, and my beloved Ripley. I was so shocked at the turn the story took and the path that the author put some of my favorite characters from the last book on. Wowzer! I certainly didn’t see those twists coming. Amanda definitely knows how to keep me on my toes, and I couldn’t help but repeat the words “nobody’s safe” while reading this book. I adored the addition of the new characters, and one in particular: Boden.

The ending of the book seemed somewhat final, but I’m not sure that’s the end. Would love to know if there is going to be a third. The Hollows remains one of my favorite zombie series, and Amanda Hocking’s mad writing skills have me adding all of her books to my to-be-read list.


  1. awesome review ;) This sounds interesting. I haven't read any of her stuff yet! I'm glad you like it. i'll have to check it out some time!

  2. Great review. I to was a wee let down by this. I look forward to the next book whenever that may be.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, not quite as great as the first, but still one of my favorite zombie series! I can't wait for the next one!


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