Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Immortal Beloved by Katie M. John

Sometimes, a sequel doesn’t always live up to the dearly loved predecessor in the series. This is most definitely NOT the case with Immortal Beloved. This book was amazing! It was everything a sequel should be and more. As Mina Singer nurses a broken heart, she must pull herself together and embark on a perilous adventure to Egypt, where she will try and save her knight in shining armor, Blake Beldevier, from a horrifying, real-life nightmare.

When I was younger, I dreamed of traveling to far away places like Egypt. Thanks to Katie M John and her magnificent writing and research, I feel as if I have. There is so much I want/need to say about this story. However, I must keep it spoiler free, so I will just say that Blake, Mina, Delta, and my much loved Sam (*sigh*) captivated and intrigued me from the beginning. My heart broke for Mina as she dealt with her pain and sadness, and at other moments in the story it soared and threatened to burst open from sheer happiness. I love how brave Mina is in Immortal Beloved. She faces her fears and stands her ground for her beloved Blake. Delta is the best friend every girl wants… and Sam...well, everyone needs a Sam. Their journey is a frightening yet riveting one. I found myself distrusting even the most devoted and honorable characters at some points in the story. The twists and turns made this a fascinating and enthralling tale. Then there is the cliffhanger - Oh my Knights of the Realm, what an ending! I need the next book NOW. 

Be sure and check out Katie M. John and her wonderful books here: bit.ly/okhEek

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