Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Close by Brenda Novak

Claire O’Toole hasn’t exactly had the easiest life. She’s had first hand experience at loss and heartache. Fifteen years ago, Claire’s mother, Alana, disappeared, shocking the small town of Pineview, Montana. No one ever knew if Alana had abandoned her family, or if foul play had been involved. Claire has never doubted for a moment that her mother did not, and would not ever, desert her family. Ten years ago Isaac Morgan broke Claire’s heart into little pieces. Isaac was then forced to watch Claire marry her childhood sweetheart and live her life… without him in it. Last year, when Claire’s husband David was killed in a tragic hunting accident, Claire became lost in her grief. But was it really an accident? Isaac doesn’t think so, and after a long estrangement from Claire, he knows a way he can help make up for how badly he hurt her. Isaac believes Alana’s disappearance and David’s death are somehow connected. Together, Isaac and Claire begin their own investigation, and discover more than just clues to Claire’s lost loved ones. They realize they still have feelings for each other, and that they need one another now, more than ever. But when they start uncovering answers, it’s clear that someone out there wants them to leave well enough alone, and that someone is prepared to keep those answers from coming out at any cost.

I really enjoyed this exciting and fast paced story. I especially enjoyed Isaac Morgan. Isaac is a character you don’t want to stop thinking about long after you’ve read the last page of the story. His relationship with Claire is an intense one, and as much as Claire needs Isaac’s strength and comfort…. he needs her just as much.

This book contained a lot of twists and turns. I was determined to figure out the mystery before the author’s reveal - I didn’t. I adore a suspenseful and thrilling read!

In Close is the first book I have read by Brenda Novak, but I know this: I want more. The woman knows how to write a great mystery, and she really knows how to write a love scene. I’ll be reading more by this talented author.

I received a copy of this book for review from Netgalley.

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