Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enclave - Ann Aguirre

This one kept me enthralled from beginning to end. I don’t care for book comparisons, so I won’t compare this book to the one I have deemed my favorite of the year… but there were some definite qualities reminiscent of said favorite book making Enclave a distinct runner up. I connected with the characters easily and early on. The fluidity of Ann Aguirre’s words and the imagery she creates are spectacular.

Just look at this quote:

“There were different kinds of strength. I knew that now. It didn't always come from a knife or a willingness to fight. Sometimes it came from endurance, where the well ran deep and quiet. Sometimes it came from compassion and forgiveness.”

Deuce was born into an enclave ruled by elders who enforce strict, radical rules and don’t hesitate to punish those who fail to obey their orders. Those punishments are fast and severe. When their very existence becomes threatened, Deuce begins to realize that the elders may not have the most advantageous knowledge some claim. Together with her new hunting partner, Fade, they must seek answers and survival.

Fade is so captivating and left me yearning to know more about him. Deuce is a character I had no trouble becoming invested in. It was very easy to put myself in her place and wonder what I would do if this were my life.
One of the things that really drew me in was the fact the story is a “discovery” story. As a reader, I was right there with them searching for answers and pondering why the world had become what it was.

I found the naming ceremony to be particularly heartbreaking and I was deeply affected by the thought of not being given a name at birth, having to wait 15 years, and then relying on this ceremony for my moniker.

I was so disappointed to reach the end of Enclave, but I thought the conclusion was fantastic. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for Outpost, the next installment of the Razorland series.

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